About the Artist


You will find me in Deep Cove, which is in  North Vancouver. As I work in my home please call first to see my work, half an hours notice is about enough.

My paintings include influences from my time on an Alberta farm, most of my life spent in parts of in British Columbia, extended visits to Australia, New Zealand, England, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and my birthplace England.

I am gifted in creative pursuits particularly creative problem solving, effective dealing with people - constellations, where I gained my living ... and funded my art.

Born in England near to Highcliffe where I lived my first 18 years. Highcliffe is opposite the ‘Needles’, off the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. Highcliffe is mid way between Lymington and Bournemouth.

Schooled in England and Canada, which barely got in the way of my education. Art was included in my General Certificate of Education from Oxford.

Mentored as a painter by James Picard, an internationally successful artist and brilliant.


  1. My grown up children, Thomas, Luke, Jesse, and Rachel, who taught me how to be a parent, how to laugh, and how to pursue creativity

  2. My Chilean, Brazilian, Canadian, wife Leticia who gives me encouragement and useful critique.

  3. People, faces, and groups of people

  4. The sea, coastal life, fishing boats

  5. The ocean, the sky, hills, mountains, forests

  6. Forests, farmland, lakes

  7. Interesting architecture, street scenes

  8. Life and living things

  9. Painting the things I love!

The artist having a cup of coffee with a friend in Deep Cove at the Arms Reach Bistro, where the coffee is tops and the view is spectacular.

Note the smile on my face.

Deep Cove is a spectacular place to visit and of great inspiration to my work.

About Deep Cove Artist
Raven Artist

The Raving Artist, a fun painting done with palette knives. The Raven ended up being my logo.

Questions? Please email me at artist@stephencowell.net

or phone 604 638 7792